Mary The Fairy – Fairy Game for Kids

Play in an interactive Fairy world and help Mary get her wings!

Mary is a junior Fairy who loves having fun with her friends. Junior Fairies have little buds on their shoulders, which turn into wings when they turn five years old.

But Mary needs your help to get her wings! She needs to get her wings so she can have many more Fairy adventures!

In Episode 1 – Mary Gets Her Wings, Mary goes on five adventures to get her wings.

The interactive adventures include:

– Adventure 1: Help Mary to catch the funny colored animals.
– Adventure 2: Help Mary to dry her new wings.
– Adventure 3: Help Mary to Fly.
– Adventure 4: Help Mary to win her first flying race.
– Adventure 5: Help Mary to sleep


– Select from five different Fairy adventures.
– Choose from three difficulties – Easy, Medium or Hard.
– Track and compare your scores in Game Center.
– A fun and interactive narrative game where young children can learn how to act in specific situations and help others do the right thing.


iOS Requirement: 4.0 or higher

Device Requirements:
– iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S / iPhone 5
– iPad 2 / iPad (3rd generation)
– iPod touch (4th generation)

Play Mary The Fairy now and go on fun-filled adventures as Mary grows up and learns new skills.

Watch out for Mary the Fairy Part 2 – Mary Gets Her Magic Wand…coming soon!

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