Martian Miner

“this is a fun take on the classic arcade game. Getting to the fun part may take a little patience, but it’s worth the effort.” – Sean Capelle – AppAdvice

It’s dark days on Mars. Really dark! A planet-wide energy shortage has caused long lines at the refueling stations and rolling blackouts are interrupting “Dancing in the Stars”.

Your fellow Martians are revolting… and only you can help!

You are Max the Martian, the great, great Grandson of Milton Martian who discovered the universal energy source Unexplainium in the asteroid belts. Only you can save Mars!

Martian Miner is a new take on Asteroids. Pilot Max’s Martian Marauder and successfully navigate an asteroid field while fending off the evil Venusians!

+ Make your way past all 9 planets in the solar system

+ Pick up over 12 different enhancements for your ship

+ Fight off Venusian and Saturnian miners while surviving against the odds.

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