Marshal Online – Stratego Game

Marshal Online is the multiplayer version of Marshal, a game inspired by the classic board game, Stratego.

- The board is a battlefield
- There is a fog of war
- You control an army
- Your opponent controls the opposing army
- The strength of pieces follows Stratego
- Pieces can move in 6 different directions
- Each side starts with 24 pieces
- Capture your opponent’s flag to win
- Or destroy your opponent’s forces to win
- Strategy and tactics matter
- Deception matters
- Universal app
- Video demonstration available at website

- Multiplayer uses Apple’s Game Center
- Live matches, 5 minutes per game
- Turn-based matches, 24 hours per move
- Play against whomever is online
- Or play against your friends
- Player to player messenging (turn-based)
- Game Center leaderboard
- Game Center achievements

- Feedback and suggestions most welcome
- If unable to rate/review, contact Apple support

- @jmunch, many are playing turn based matches
- @Asatt59, to play against AI get the Marshal app

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