Mardo’s Music Trivia LE


So you think you know music? Test your chops with Lord Mardo’s Ultimate Music Trivia! This is just a teaser of the full version which contains hundreds of very clever music trivia questions across multiple music genres. This Lite edition contains only one shortened round of questions. Check out the full version which has 10 rounds of unique questions plus a chance to answer the “Ultimate Music Trivia Question” for all the glory!

Features available in the Full Version:
• 10 Rounds + Bonus Round
• Hundreds of Questions. Unique to each round.
• Player Ranks – from a Roadie to the Ultimate Rock God!
• Top Player Scores
• Questions from over 10 Genres in Music
– Classics
– Top 40
– Metal
– Hip Hop
– Punk
– R & B
– Country
– Alternative
– 80’s
– 90’s

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