Marble Touch

Marble Touch is a game that can train the short-term memory and peripheral vision.

■Short-term memory mode(MarbleMemory)
Touch in order to remember the order of the same marble.
At first start with three marble.
Marble is going to increase by one each time when you clear the memory goes up to a maximum of 12.
When you miss it become game over.
Figures are calculated on the basis of memory corresponding to the independent investigation.
Incidentally, the average number of memory has been said around seven.
Are you normal or Genius level of memory !?
Can you beyond the walls of seven ?

■Modes of peripheral vision and reflexes(Tap ○ ○ Marble)
Touch the number on the Marble in numerical order.
The screen can display up to 10, so Tap50Marble Tap25Marble appear in the new marble from 11th.
In order to touch, you can remember where I appeared next to Marble wider field of view.
Your peripheral vision is trainable skills!

☆Fight with ranked player in the world.☆
Support GameCenter. Scores can compete with players around the world.
Also, you can tweet score.
(with features of Twitter iOS5)

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