Mapping the USA with Roxy the Star

Animations have made learning about 50 states, famous landmarks, and state capitals easier! You can Play State, Landmark, Quiz, and Challenge mode. You can also choose to learn every state and capitals. The animations help your child remember states better. You child can watch King Kong climbing the Empire State Building, Elvis singing in Tennessee, state Kentucky making silly face, etc. There is a cartoon face and an animation representing features of every state. You can learn the name and location of landmarks and states cpaitals. Every animation includes amusing sound effects, like the sound of a horse neighing for Texas, or the beep-beep of a flying saucer landing at Area 51 in Nevada. You can learn the name, outline, and map location of all 50 states.

– Each State is Represented by a Cartoon Character: Every state is unique with its own face, emotion, and symbol. Watch states play guitar, make a silly face, etc.
– Fun Animation: Every state has an animation. The state of Maine is famous for lobsters. The state sees the lobster… eats the lobster! Yum!
– Voice-Over: Voice-Overs help to remember stats, landmarks, and capitals better!
– 300 Questions: Challenge yourself in the quiz mode!
– Sounds: Cheerful audio of state names and memorable animations combine to make learning so much fun and so easy!
– Radar Hint: The radar animation shows a hint when you drag the state close to the correct position on the map!
– Learning Section: You can learn the location and watch the animation of each state repeatedly in the learning section.

Play Mode
– State: Roxy announces the name of the state aloud, it appears at the bottom of the screen, and you must drag it to its proper position on the map.
– Lardmark: Roxy announces the name of the landmark aloud, the picture of landmark appears at the bottom of the screen, and you must drag it to the state it belongs to the map.
– Challenge: All of the state border lines are removed. Without the shape and animation of the state, do you know the location of all 50 states?
– Quiz: 300 questions in the quiz mode! Test your USA geography knowledge!

Learn Mode
– State: Touching any state in the blank map of the U.S. announces that state’s name aloud and displays an animation that shows what the state is famous for.
– Capital: Touching any state in the blank map of the U.S. announces that capital’s name aloud and displays an animation that shows exact location of the capital.

* State Locations
* Capitals
* Famous Landmarks
* Abbreviations
* Nicknames
* Famous City Locations

– New York: King Kong climbs the Empire State Building.
– Pennsylvania: The Liberty Bell.
– Arizona: Grand Canyon and the desert landscape.
– Michigan: Known for automobile production.
– Utah: Rainbow Bridge National Monument.
– Maine: The state Maine is famous for lobsters.
– Tennessee: Birth Place of Country Music.
– Colorado: In Spanish origin, Colorado means “colored red.”
– Missouri: The Gateway Arch.
– Wisconsin: Known for cheese.
– Florida: Sunshine and orange. Florida’s nickname is the “Sunshine State.”
– Virginia: Virgin Queen.
– Minnesota: It is the land of 10,000 lakes.
– Montana: The name comes from the Spanish word for “mountainous.”
– Nevada: Area 51 is a military base and located in Nevada.
– Connecticut: University of Hartford.
– Alabama: Marshall Space Flight Center.
– Georgia: Stone Mountain.
– Idaho: Idaho’s nickname is the “Gem State.”
– Vermont: Famous for maple syrup.

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