MapCraft HD: World Explorer for Minecraft Maps

MapCraft app was made by Minecraft Fans for Minecraft Fans. With MapCraft you can explore and share the amazingly crafted creations of fans just like you, and show off your own.

**If you find you need help, please email us at**

Thanks to The Overviewer Team, the creators (not us) of Minecraft Overviewer, it’s now possible to create a high resolution and incredibly accurate overhead map of any Minecraft world, even update it every night. We built MapCraft to give us and you, (mainly us), a way to explore and share your (our) favourite creations and maps on all of your iOS devices capable of running iOS 6.

Mapcraft starts you off with a few well known maps including:

• Westeroscraft, the world of Game Of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire, recreated in Minecraft

• Azeroth, from the World of Warcraft

• Reddit’s sprawling Minecraft Maps (thanks /r/mcpublic)

• Our humble map, powered by Vokal Interactive!

This download offers you the entire MapCraft experience. You can start tracking your own maps, as many as you want. There’s a full featured screenshot editor with photo effects, frames, stickers and text, powered by Aviary. Also, a community section where you can share your maps, and browse all of the amazing things others have built.

We hope you enjoy!

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