Map Quiz Norway

This is a quiz game where the user selects a point on a map related to a question. The point is getting through as many questions as possible before the game ends. The game ends when the user has missed the targets by more than 500 km or 310 miles all together.

It can also be played as a pass on game by up to 4 players. In turns, each player is given the same question. Players loosing the given 500 km are out of the game. This continues until one player is left.

Another type of pass on game, is one where you can set up a given number of questions. The player closest to the target gets the most points. The one with most points at the games end is obviously the winner.

-Menu and gameplay text can be given in either english or norwegian.

-One can see some simple statistic over how questions are answered in singelplayer games.

-Local highscore for all difficulty levels

All locations and more than 200 questions are linked to a map of Norway. Fun and educational.
Future updates will give even more questions and features.

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