Map Pin Darts

■Game Outline
In Map Pin Darts, you throw pins at a target in an area on an aerial photograph, taking the influence of the wind and the fluctuation of the path of the pins into account.

There are many places that most of us know about, but few of us know where they actually are.
So, the game lets you pretend to be a sightseeing tourist to visit such places (target areas).

But, a high score is hard to achieve. You can only throw a certain number of pins. You have to concentrate on the target!
As time goes by, we will be adding more targets and more places for targets!

▼Select a Target Area
Select one of the “six continent areas”.
Then, select one of the “target areas” configured in the selected continent area.

The closer a pin falls to the target, the higher your score. In addition, you can decrease the scale of the map by using “-ZOOM” to set a higher and farther point of view, and the higher the level of difficulty, the higher the scoring multiplier.

▼Fluctuation of the Path of the Falling Pin
Each pin that you throw falls towards the center of the red circle, which is moving within the green circle that is fixed in the center of the screen.

▼Influence of the Wind
The left pane of the screen shows the influence of the wind.
The way that the pin falls is influenced by the wind direction and the wind speed that is represented by numbers.
When you increase the scoring multiplier to get a higher score, you need to calculate more numbers related to the influence of the wind.

4: The pin drifts to the right by 4.
5: The pin drifts to the left by 5.
3: The pin drifts to the right by 3 and down by 3.
4: The pin drifts to the left by 4.
8: The pin drifts to the left by 8 and up by 8.

≫[Result] As a result of adding and subtracting the above numbers related to the influence of wind, the pin falls to a point where it is shifted from the center of the red circle by 10 to the left and up by 5.

▼Number of Pins You can Throw
There are two types of pins; “produced pins” that are produced every day, and “purchased pins” that you can purchase.
Even when you have thrown all your produced pins, you can start to play the next day with the specified number of pins produced again.
If you have any purchased pins, you can continue to play even after you run out of produced pins.

▼Increasing the Production Capacity
The number of pins that are produced and you can throw every day is initially limited to 2.
You can use coins to increase the number of produced pins on a one-by-one basis so that more pins are produced, allowing you to make more throws every day.
Up to a maximum of 99 pins can be produced per day.

▼Purchasing Pins
“I don’t have any pins! But, I want to play now!”; you can use coins to purchase pins and play immediately.
Purchased pins are stored and will not have disappeared the next day. When you have produced pins, the produced pins are used first. So, you don’t have to worry about stocking purchased pins.

*Remind that uninstalling the application will delete the coins, increase in production capacity, and pins you have purchased.

■Other Things to Know About the Game
・This game supports ranking and scoreboards by OpenFeint.

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