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Man of Steel is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Man of Steel Review

The last Superman game I played was the infamously awful Superman 64. I’m happy to report that Man of Steel is a much better game, with 100% less flying through hoops and much better graphics. In this game, you’re trying to prevent General Zod and a number of faceless henchmen from destroying the Earth. You have Superman’s powers of flight, super speed, and heat vision to help you make short work of the countless foes you’ll encounter during your trip through the story mode.

The gameplay is a little repetitive, it’s along the lines of Infinity Blade, or Batman Arkham City Lockdown; if you’ve played either of those games, then you’ll know exactly what you’re in for. Man of Steel is a one on one fighter, and you can punch, block, dodge, or use one of your superpowers to defeat your opponent.

That isn’t to say that Man of Steel doesn’t try to bring something new to the table. This game also includes destructible environments, grappling moves, and the ability to deal damage to your opponent while flying. These mechanics may not be groundbreaking, but they do add a little bit of variation to the combat.

After each fight you’ll gain experience points that you can put into Superman’s powers, whether it’s expand your life bar or to increase the duration of your super speed attack. There’s not a whole lot of customizing, as there are really only two superpowers, and the other categories you can put points into are your RPG mainstays like defense and attack power. I wasn’t expecting a complex customization system, but when you’re told that you can customize your experience by upgrading the abilities that you want to use, I was expecting a little more.

Sure the extra suits are nice, and they give you stat buffs, but you don’t gain anything new as far as superpowers go. There are in-app purchase as well, but they’re mainly for experience points, and for keys to unlock the six suits you can wear. There isn’t much of a point for their existence unless future updates change that, so they can be ignored for now.

If you’re a Superman fan, Man of Steel is certainly worth a look. Even if you’re not, you can still have a good time. For starters, knocking an opponent into orbit every single time you win a battle never gets old. Man of Steel isn’t a brand new experience, but it does add some interesting elements to the gameplay. I hope that at some point down the line this game gets some proper updates. Man of Steel has the potential to be up there with the best one-on-one combat games on the App Store, but it’s not quite there yet.