Mall Stars

Build an amazing mall to dazzle your VIP customers – the MallStars! Each Mall Star has a larger-than-life personality and big shopping dreams for you to fulfill. Buy luxurious shops, must-have merchandise, and fun attractions to create the ultimate mall. Help your Stars find their favorite products to excite them into a frantic SHOPPING FRENZY filled with fun surprises!

Your Mall Stars may include:
★ Cathy Cashian, a reality show starlet obsessed with the latest designer styles.
★ Duncan Hoops, an all-star athlete with a passion for sporting goods and electronics.
★ Moe Hawk, the Rock ‘n Roll legend. His dream items include toys and trendy clothes to wear on stage.
★ And more! Build up your mall to meet them all!

Ready to build the ultimate mall? Play Mall Stars now for FREE!

Need more hearts? By popular request, now you can earn even more hearts FREE from Shopping Frenzies!

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