Makeup For Girls

Play the most stylish new Makeup game. With 5 super themes, create the hottest looks ever. This is the perfect combo of makeup and dressup. Play around with hairstyles, clothes, accessories, jewelry, bags, shoes and makeup. An absolute treat for girls. Download free and try out right away.

Do dressup and makeup at the same time. Choose from five themes: College (free), Party, Office, Wedding and Punk. Hundreds of unique looks are possible. Mix and match and go crazy!

You can
* Change the model’s eye color with colored lenses.
* Apply lipstick in different shades including glitter.
* Apply blush on the model’s cheeks.
* Play with eye shadow and false eye lashes to give a HOT look.
* Change her tops, bottoms, jackets, hairstyles, shoes, glasses, handbags, etc.
* Change her accessories including bracelets, earrings, pendants, etc.

– Create hundreds of different looks in each of the 5 themes.
– Zoom in to see the makeup in fine detail.
– Reduce or increase the intensity of makeup.
– Save the look as a photo in your photos album or make it your girly wallpaper :-)
– Create different looks for your girlfriends and keep them as display pics for their contact details on your iPhone.
– 1 theme is free. Remaining 4 are available in a single in-app purchase.

Play with your girl friends and see who creates the best looks.

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