‘MakeTen’ isn’t just an your ordinary kind of brain game. You’ll need excellent calculation skill in order to beat this. Solve the mathematic puzzle with 4 given numbers by ‘plus’, ‘minus’, ‘multiple’, or ‘divide’ them together till you can make 10 as your final answer, and of course, you’ll have to fight against time limit too! So be sure to make your head cleared and use your wit! If you are confidence in your Math skill, you can expect to see yourself at the top of our World Ranking!

「MAKE TEN」は単なる計算ゲームとは違います。暗算が得意なだけではクリアできません。パズルのように4つの数字を「足して」「引いて」「割って」「かけて」ください。制限時間内に答えが10になるよう頭をフル回転!数字に強いあなたなら、きっと世界ランキングでも上位に食い込むでしょう!

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