Makeout Mania!

Makeout Mania! is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Makeout Mania

As we approach another commercialized holiday, it’s important to reflect on the things that matter. Things like why we’re so smitten with the iPhone and its ability to wow us on a daily basis. It’s only on this platform that a little labor of love like Makeout Mania can viably exist and be relevant. Read on to see if this game gets to second base or goes home without any action.

At its foundation, Makeout Mania is primarily a puzzle game. Playing the role of Cupid, you shoot unsuspecting high school kids with arrows to make love connections. Using a handy yearbook to find out which kids are crushing on each other, you earn the most points by hooking up folks who are perfect matches.

Kids these days.

Filling up the ‘frenzy’ meter in each stage lets you move on, and you can chain together combos by having folks hook up consecutively like it’s an episode of 90210. Par for the course, bitter and old-fashioned faculty members are happy to break up any connections going on in the hallways. Get busted by the principal too much, and it’s game over.

Each stage gets progressively trickier, and the gameplay holds up well throughout the experience. Makeout Mania is Plus+ enabled, so there are online leaderboards and awards to keep you coming back after you’ve cleared all stages. Outside of clearing the main puzzle stages, there’s an endurance-like Mania mode that gives you 60 seconds to make as many hookups as possible. It’s a welcome diversion, and it features online rankings as well.

So as you wait for hours to secure a table at a fancy restaurant this Valentine’s Day, Makeout Mania is more than up to the task of keeping you entertained until your name is called out, if your date doesn’t mind too much. Check it out!