Make a Guess

Make a Guess is the new social game for iPhone. The free app allows users to apply various effects on pictures, in order to disguise the subject in the photo . The edited image is then shared through social media, and friends and family need to guess what’s in the picture.

It’s possible to share the best moments in life just by pressing a button. Every day, loads of pictures are uploaded to Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. Convenient to keep track of everyone’s activities, but just watching pictures eventually becomes boring. The new Make a Guess app therefore provides photo sharing with a surprising game element.

Make a Guess allows users to add a bit of mystery to everyday images. The idea is simple: take a picture, or open your library and select a snapshot that you took earlier. You can then add an effect, so the person or object in the picture is masked. From within the app you can share the edited image through Twitter, Facebook or other social media channels. It’s up to your friends and family to guess what you have photographed.

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