Mahjong Link HD Free

Here comes Mahjong Link HD Free, a perfect and funny casual game.

All you need do is to remove all cards out of the board by pairs, wherein, the pairs cannot be covered or surrounded by others. With simple operation way, fast tempo and clear interface, you will have an unforgettable experience by playing Mahjong Link HD Free. What’s more, various maps and levels are waiting for your challenge!

We have designed it with our utmost care, wherein, there are 4 maps and each map has 20 levels. So, after passing one level, you will get a treasure. And only if collecting 4 treasures, you have the chance to play BOSS. In addition, once you win the BOSS, you win the whole game!

How to play:
1 connect one pair which is not covered or surrounded by others.
2 click on the first card, which is turned into the status of “selected”, and then click on the second one. If the 2 cards are the same, they will be removed. Contrarily, the first one will be restored and the second one will be in the status of “selected”.
3 pass condition: connect and remove all of the pairs in a limited time.
4 defeat condition: neither remove all pairs in the limited time
5 add time: after removing one pair, it will add 2seconds automatically.
6 props: shuffle and hint. Shuffle helps you reset all cards. Hint prompts you the removable pair. However, the times of the two props are limited. And if there is no pair, game is over.

Mahjong Link HD Free

Mahjong Link is a casual board game which is suitable for both young and old, friends and family.

Brand-new gameplay makes it quite different from that of the before version. Two matching tiles will be cleared after clicking ,but be sure that the connector that links the two selected tiles has no more than 2 segments.

What’s more, there are totally 5 unique screen backgrounds for you to change at mood.

With all these functions, Mahjong Link is bound to be one of the most downloadable board games ever till now!

-Galore Chinese traditional themes
-Pure and elegant graphics
-Brand new gameplay
–Fresh challenges in various modes.