Mahjong 13 tiles

if your coins is negative number,please launch mj app again,you will get some coins…thx

Top rated majhong games in china so far.There is a Detailed instruction in game,you can learn to play Mahjong even if you never heard of it before. Three special auxiliary function can also assist you to play this game.

There are As many as 81 kinds of point-type, contains almost all of the point-type of mahjong game. If you learn to play this game, you can play any other mahjong games.

Chinese style arts and friendly user interface.Large mahjong tiles, it will be very easy to operated.

It’s really awesome,download for free now.Enjoy it!!

Point calculation rules:

Win by self-drawing: (8+ points) ×3,Win through chucking by others: 8×3+ points.

Win by self-drawing: – (8+ points),Chucker: – (8+ points),Non-chucker: -8.

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