Mahjong 123

Mahjong 123 is a NEW GENERATION Mahjong game invented with new game theory and new scoring. This game is developed on the theme of an orchard made up of numbers, tree and fruit characters – all on purpose-built play tiles. Collecting “Jane the picker” tiles will help multiply your score. Challenge your response, intelligence and luck as you join Jane in this fun game picking suitable numbers, favourable fruits and trees and race to build your own scoring arrangement of tiles!

Choose MULTI-PLAYER and you can invite your friends or challenge any player AROUND THE GLOBE to join this Mahjong game.

Have fun with this NEW GENERATION Mahjong game!

Features highlight:
• Colourful game tiles
*Number tiles – from 1 to 28 in a circle of 4-colour zones.
*Fruit tiles – 4 cute fruit characters – apple, orange, lemon and pear.
*Tree tiles – 3 unique-shaped trees – cube, sphere and triangular-pyramid.
*Jane tiles – act as score multiplier.
• Easy to play and educational. The four strategies of “CLICK”, “BING”, “BOMB”, “LINK” will prompt you to choose the right scoring sets.
• An innovative scoring system derived from simple multiplication and addition.

★ MULTI-PLAYER via GAME CENTRE – Challenge your instant response and strategy.
★ LEADERBOARDS – Beat the global highest scores.
★ 11 ACHIEVEMENTS – Challenge your skills, your patience and your luck.
• Facebook and Twitter integration
• 8 characters and 4 backgrounds for your selection.

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