MagyPath B.C.

Finally the award-winning MagyPath B.C. is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

100 challenging levels and 10 bonus levels!

At the start, the first mapping of the green, yellow, red and blue squares is displayed. You start from the bottom row and climb to the top, stepping on the green squares adjacent to the square you are currently on. If there are no green squares, you can use yellow ones, but this costs a life. Stepping on the red or blue squares is not allowed.

Each time you step on a green or yellow square, the colors of the other squares may change, closing and opening your way to the top (blue squares do not change the color). A square that has been stepped on, changes to gray and joins to the path. You can move across the already traversed path squares freely to access to adjacent green or yellow squares for the next step.

Though the blue squares do not change, they can be converted to green ones using hearts and opening the new paths to the top.

Every move to a higher row adds another 15 points to your score. Every green or yellow square joined to the path at the rows below, decreases the score by one. When the top row is reached, the player goes to the next level and starts at the bottom row again. Each new level adds another life.

The main game strategy is to reach the top row of as many levels as possible, stepping on as few squares as possible.

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