Magnus Ignis

Magnus Ignis – the great fire, has fused together the possibilities of all worlds and histories…

Heaven, Hell, and Earth have all been merged. An infinite number of gods, monsters, and mortals have been scattered throughout a single world.

As a king of this chaotic universe, you shall lead these legendary beings in the battle to protect your land and people!

★★★★★ “Next Generation!!!”
★★★★★ “This is easy to understand and challenging to master!”
★★★★★ “Great battle system, beautiful artwork, it sets itself apart from the rest!”

====Game Features====
✔ FREE for basic play
✔ Assemble powerful Champions to form your Deck and prepare for Battle
✔ Epic Characters: King Arthur, Siegfried, Zeus, Salome, Tezcatlipoca and more
✔ Multiple level of Enhancement and Evolution to strengthen up your Champions
✔ Forge Alliance with the other monarchs for diplomatic advantage
✔ Compete against thousands of players for valuable rewards and glory
✔ Show foolish gods who denies your authority who’s the boss

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