Magnet Run

This is Magnet Run, the game where you have to use your timing,
memory and reaction skills to move the metal ball through each course into the exit. The first 2 levels of the game are free and if you want to play through
all 24 levels, then you can purchase it from the main menu and they will be unlocked.

How to play:

In the bottom right corner is the red button, of which is used to activate the pneumatic
pumps, elevators, gates and hammers, that will move the ball through the course.

The most common object that is controlled is the pneumatic pump, of which will be labelled
with a magnetic symbol if magnetic. In order to use the pump you must press the red button
once to compress it and then again to release. If you do not press the button again to
release the pump, then it will automatically release itself once it has reached full
compression. The more compressed it is when it is released the more power will be put
into propelling the ball.

When controlling either a gate or hammer all you need to do is press the red button once
in order to activate it.

Elevators which comprise of a rail and sliding magnetic pump will
automatically be activated when the ball is attached to the pump.

To complete each stage you will have to use visual markers to help you, such as how far an
object has rotated, the compression of a pump and the position of an automatic gate. You
can then adjust the markers in order to find out the correct way of proceeding through
each course, such as when to compress a pump and when to release, etc.


top left – audio button to mute / unmute game audio.

top centre left – exit button to quit level.

top centre right – restart button to restart the current level.

top right – play / pause button to pause and resume gameplay.

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