Magnacarta2 Title guide

Rating: 9+

Magnacarta2 Title guide is a game from SOFTMAX CO.,LTD, originally released 8th January, 2010


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Xbox 360 RPG Magnacarta II Puts Character Guide on iPhone

By now, we’re all used to seeing developers put the iPhone to creative use, delivering content to the App Store that extends beyond games. Universal Studio’s decision to link up its Blu-ray releases via its BD-Live app back in July potentially opened the floodgates for further developments, but it’s only now that something similar appears to have gotten beyond the drawing board.

This time it’s not the PS3 that’s set to benefit, either. Korean developer Softmax has announced that it will offer character information for the Xbox 360 RPG Magnacarta II via an iPhone app, rather than in a traditional in-box booklet.

‘We expect this title guide for iPhone will boost sales and user appreciation in North America and Europe where Magnacarta shows a strong growth,’ Yuon-Kyu Choi, COO at Softmax, said in a statement.

Though this might initially appear to be a strange decision, some believe Softmax’s move may well set a precedent for others to follow. The guide is listed on the App Store for free and gives gamers access to a host of character profiles, concept art, and iPhone wallpaper.

In this era of digital distribution, Magnacarta II’s app appears to be an attempt to go further than simply doling out game information, instead playing the role of a wall poster or fan t-shirt. Now gamers can show their support just by downloading a free iPhone app.

The only confusing part is, though Softmax has only just released this app, Magnacarta II has actually been on sale since last October in America. How have its fans coped without an app until now?