Magic's Little Helper HD

Magic’s little helper (MTGLH) is the best magic life counter on the app store.
Supports 2-10 player MTG games, multicolor decks & EDH. Keeps history log,
player stats & multiple counters (life, poison, EDH commander and others).

Download now for the best MTG scorekeeping solution for your games – finally!

Finally and easy and slick solution to track MTG scores for multiplayer games including multiple counters and commander damage for EDH mode. See who’s the best player in your group with player stats and history log.

Key features:
– In game cards ruling search
– Up to 10 players in a game
– Multi color deck selection
– EDH commander damage counter
– Elaborate Statistics and history log for all players
– Poison and secondary counter
– Timed games
– Dice and coin
– Supports the new iPad and iPhone 5 displays
– Application Skins

More features:
– Emperor 3X3 and 5X5 games
– 5 player “Colors” game
– Unlimited personal editable player list
– Timed games – timed per player or game

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