Magic Wizards

Magic Wizards is the #1 Wizard Space Shooter RPG in the UNIVERSE!!! In this genre-defining game, fly through outer space as a magic wizard with fire, ice, and lightning spells! Soar through hordes of wizards’ most feared enemies, including:

– Snakes on rockets!
– Scorpions on rockets!
– Squids on rockets!
– Turtles on rockets!
– Rockets on rockets!

Fight in epic boss battles that are sure to be immortalized in wizard history, including such widely known wizard foes as:

– Red Demony Demon Dude! (so scary he doesn’t even need a rocket!)
– Bear on a Rocket!
– Shark on a Rocket! (probably the scariest thing ever invented in the history of man)
– Dragon that shoots rockets at you with his rocket powers!

Can you feel the epicness!???!?? Is your download finger tingling?!?!! More features? Indeed!

– Use fire, ice, and lightning spells to shoot rocket-propelled jerks in the face!
– Collect magic bubbles to level up your powers just like in real life!
– Awesome soundtrack, worthy of a wizard’s praise!
– Scores of wizard facts so you can finally learn the TRUTH about wizards!
– Animal puns!

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