Magic Ferris Wheel HD

★ Ferris Wheel
★ Distinguish colors
★ Spatial intelligence
★ Suitable for children of age 2-4

★ ★ ★Educational Theory★ ★ ★

Children begin to observe the world around them when they are about 2 years old. They have a strong sense about color and shapes. When some colorful items appear in their eyes, children often pick out the things of same or similar colors together. This is a kind of color perception children establish initially.

★ ★ ★ Educational Characteristics★ ★ ★

Although this game focus on the theme of distinguishing colors, it selects two kinds of colors in different levels, beginning with contrasted colors easy to observe and find out to the dark and light shades in the same color system, which enables children to recognize contrasted colors when playing games, and to broaden their understanding of colors at different levels in the same color system.

However, it is an inevitable process in early childhood development that beginning with observing colors to shapes, then to identify specific patterns of each carriage. So this game is progressive in levels, following children’s development.

★ ★ ★Expanding Thinking★ ★ ★

Finally, the Ferris Wheel in the playground will have different colors, different shapes and different patterns of carriages. This game looks like a tiny entertainment game, but provides an important element for children’s further development of observation sense and the further steps of the game.

★ ★ ★Game Elements★ ★ ★

This education game is based on children’s favorite circle Ferris Wheel in the playground, which allows children to choose Ferris Wheel carriages personally for small animals and experience and identify colors and shapes in the game, which really educates through entertainment. Finally, this game allows children to freely glide the Ferris Wheel and experience the boundless joy in the playground.


Carefully consideration for children: Moon Icon – switch light mode to protect children’s eye sights.

Carefully consideration for parents: Clock Icon – a flexible set to help you control children’s game time.

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