Magic Bricks Free

Got a little free time? Like logical quizzes? Not afraid of difficulties?
Then the Magic Bricks game is for you!
Check out your savvy with various levels of difficulty.

Game objective: remove all the bricks from the game board and accumulate maximum points.
To complete levels you need to move the bricks from outside the game board towards the bricks of the same color in the center. This will make the group of similar color bricks disappear.

Pressing on the brick from outside the game board makes it move towards the center. It stops when it hits on another brick.

When bricks of one color form a group (only when connecting on sides – diagonal connection does not form a group!) the group disappears and you get points.
The more bricks form the group – the more points you get when it disappears.
The number on a brick indicates the minimum number of members in a group to make it disappear.
If all bricks remain on the game board during 30 seconds – an additional brick appears in a random position.
There is a training level that will help you break new ground in case you are not familiar with this kind of games.

Test yourself in a world of magic bricks.

Game features:
•Classic mode – in this mode group of minimum 2 bricks of same color is needed to remove bricks
•Expert mode – in this mode group of minimum 3 bricks of same color is needed to remove bricks
•Puzzle mode – in this mode a restricted number of bricks are available to complete a level
•original game mechanics
•ability to restart from any completed level
•publishing your results in Game Center
•training level
•no time limits imposed on a game
•very difficult levels existence

Let the game begin – make the bricks take wing!!!

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