Magic Attention Booster

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Automatically boost your focus, attention and concentration by playing this beautiful and exciting game!

Playing this game for only a few minutes a day will magically and automatically improve your brain’s cognitive abilities in real life!

Instructions: (should be followed if you really want to progress)

1) Play this game for 5-7 minutes per session. This is the maximum recommended time.
2) Repeat #1 for at least 7 consecutive days, with 1-2 sessions per day. 14 days’ play is
recommended for the best results.
3) Notice the improvements in focus, attention and concentration in real life!
4) Send us your feedback – we love it!

The gameplay will automatically adjust as you progress. You will be getting more and more difficult puzzles to solve as your skills improve.

Game Features:

* Really beautiful photos of nature, animals, cities, boats and hand-drawn cartoons!
* Full retina support. All photos are in the highest possible quality.
* Dynamic gameplay. Progress through levels: from easy to moderate and up to the hardest
* Tips for passing complicated levels. (But don’t rely on these too much! :) )
* 4 thematic photo collections organized in packs.
* Exclusive hand-drawn pack for kids (which is very exciting for adults as well).
* Earn badges for extraordinary achievements in the game.
* Post your achievements to Facebook and Twitter.

Note: The game does not support people with colour blindness.

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