MafiaSpin Slot & Poker & Bingo

MafiaSpin is a simulated slot machine casino game. The game is designed in a Russian Roulette Old Soviet Russia style. It has an online leaderboard, bonus games and social media sharing options. Try to bribe Comrades in order to get some extra tokens. You can also increase your token balance by sharing your gaming progress with your friends. You can post a screenshot the results on Facebook or Twitter, you can also send it via email or MMS message. Come back every day for an extra bonus game. You can easily unable or disable the sound.

Try it today, enjoy game's classiness and win big! More features and more games to follow shortly.
MafiaSpin slot is for entertainment purposes only. No real money is earned or lost.

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New mini-game! To start the mini-game collect 3 bullet holes either above or below the main winning row. Spin. Win!

Did you know that you can add 100 tokens to your balance by twitting or posting to Facebook? Go to "Buy" -> "More Token Options" then select either Facebook or Twitter.

New games include: Mega fun Pirates, improved Bingo, Video poker (telling you a secret, you always win!!!), Alien Mafia.

Alien Mafia is a multiline slot, fast and sharp – UFO themed. If you'd like to uncover some alien secrets and look into top secret files this game is for you!!! Win a fortune by uncovering secret documents!

New Mafia Scuba Slots in MafiaSpin Family!

Underwater fun with lots of surprises and hidden treasures. Free casino-style slots game for your enjoyment. Win big today. Updated design and new features!

Brand new Blackjack Mafia! Features like one, two and six decks. Soft seventeen options. Free Advice – you can win a lot here!!!!!

New Spooky Halloween slot!!!! Celebrate in style! Be scared and lucky!

Brand new Thanksgiving Mafia – themed slot!

Our app is for players who are 18 years and older.

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