The fate of the entire chimp colony lies on a teenage chimp named “Chip.” You see Chip is very angry. He’s not only angry, he’s downright MadChimp! One peaceful morning, in a not so distant past, Chip was out foraging and then it happened- His entire family was abducted out of the Congo by those pesky Zookeepers.

Eye witness report, “they came at the crack of dawn flying them darn giant helicopter and dropping them cages! They took my lovely wife Greta! Oh Greta, how I miss you! Shooter scooter she forgot her stuffed Bunny! I have a bit a hope, I hear good ole Chip is hot on their trail!” – Uncle Rufus the Elderly Chimp

Hurl “Chip” through the air as the Angry MadChimp cannonball smashes through cages to free up chimp colony members and any animal that the zookeepers have taken.

Chip’s heroic journey spans two continents, two oceans, and two major U.S. Cities- NY & Los Angeles!

Chip is Mad and ready to bring his loved ones back home!

MadChimp Worlds (10x world)

1. Congo
2. Serengeti
3. Across the Atlantic into New York
4. By Train through the Florida Everglades
5. Flying on Airplane to the Los Angeles Zoo

MadChimp is optimized for both iPhone & iPad.

100% Free for a limited time only

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