Mad Scientist: Zombie Awakening

** Please support our first release so we may make improvements **


The humans have tormented, and ridiculed you long enough, and you’ve become MAD!! As a scientist, you’ve cooked up a virus bacterium to spread a viral plague in order to seek revenge, and it has now become your ultimate goal to infect the human race, takeover the towns, and transmute the humans into zombies at your command. At last!! – It is now the humans who are in defense mode against the zombies and fighting for their survival!

In this action-arcade 2d platformer:
Capture them!!
Infect them!!
Feed them!!
Control them!!

– 6 full areas to conquer
– 15 camp holdout areas to raid
– 6 brain-devouring mini-games
– 8 zombies to control
– 17 humans to encounter
– Devouring game music or play your own
– GameCenter Achievements
– GameCenter Leaderboards

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