Mad Pig Klondike Solitaire

Mad Pig Klondike Solitaire is Klondike Solitaire with a Mad Pig spin. Higher scores, quality graphics, more fun! A great app for your iPhone!

We’ve even created a brand new, never before seen game mode: Madness Mode!


“I hate you. I can’t stop playing your game.”
“I don’t like Solitaire games, but your game feels really nice.”
“I play it every night before bed.”
“I got over 5 million!”
“Your Dad plays your game every night.”
“Mad Pig Klondike is my go-to game on the toilet.”
“It feels really smooth.”

-iOS 5.0 and above.
-Retina Display.
-Replay Shuffle.
-Card Back Packs.
-Saves high score.
-Exciting high-scoring games.
-Score Multiplier.
-Time Bonus for won games.
-3 Game Modes. Turn 3, Turn1 and Madness.
-Madness is a brand new game type!
-3 Face Sizes.
-Zoom in/out.
-Help Page.
-Hide or show onscreen buttons.
-Single or double tap to move to Foundations.
-Cool sounds.
-Nice graphics.
-iPhone 4, and 4s tested.
-Post message and link to game to Facebook.
-Post screenshot of game results to Facebook.
-Auto Finish.
-And a MAD PIG!!!

This is our first release from Mad Pig Games. It’s our goal to bring you high quality games with a Mad twist.

Here are some of the possible features we are planning for future updates:
-Challenge Friends.

We welcome your feature suggestions and feedback!

Come to to learn more about Mad Pig Games.

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