Mad Journey Mutant Jungle

Enter an incredible journey, where you can enjoy all the madness of playing minigolf in amazing worlds.

★ 10 different and challenging holes with unique gameplay each. Play in a Mutant Jungle, with awesome oversized spiders and carnivorous plants hungry for tasty golf ball!

★ A time attack mode: complete the levels before time runs out. Let’s see good you really are under pressure…

★ A funny horror full-of-life zombie. He swallowed up the coin meant to Charon, and as he neither could move along nor afford a putter, he had to play with a “handy” one…

★ Unlockable character: Sprunch. His strength is inversely proportional to his size, but boy, he knows how to hit a ball.

★ Two classic campaign minigolf courses for Beginner and Advanced players. Do you have what it takes to finish all of them under par?