Mad Ant Attack

Crazy Enemy Ants are desperate to capture your colonies. You will have to defend your own colonies by attacking them back and capture them all.

This is a fast pace strategy game, where you have to overtake all enemies. Plenty of Levels to play and master yourself with the strategies to defend and attack !

*Your Colonies are the green ones. Put your finger over your colony and slide it to the empty colonies or to the enemy colonies to capture or attack.

*Double tapping on your colony will select all the ant army and then slide your finger to another colony for a massive attack !!!

*Try to overtake enemy colonies as soon as possible to grow your army and dominate the Enemies easily.

*you can select more than one of your colonies by simply putting your finger and then quickly sliding it all over your other colonies.

»»»Any Suggestions on how to improve the game play will be helpful in future updates !!!

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