M&M’S Chocolate Factory

Your favorite M&M’S characters need your help. They are in the M&M’S factory and the candies are pouring out all over the place. They need you to help them to guide the candies into the bags and prevent them from falling into the melty chocolate.

Using a set of tools that include elastic bands, conveyer belts, pinwheels and pipes, you have to set up a system to catch and direct the bouncing M&M’s Candies around the Factory obstacles. Every candy that is safely directed into the bag becomes a point scoring pinball as it bounces through the Pachinko pins to rack up points for your final report.


– 6 different tool types
– Pachinko Style Scoring
– Support from your favorite M&M’S Characters
– 12 Different Levels
– 34 Different Achievements
– Twitter messaging
– Facebook Posts
– Game Center Leaderboard

So put on your hard hat and head in to the factory for lots of candy-coated fun.

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