M Is For Magic

M is for Magic is a fun and adorable twist on the classic spelling game hangman.

Mimi the fairy needs your help to save the unicorns in the forest from the evil curse. Guess the words and help Mimi use her magic to save the unicorns!

With three difficulty levels and over 800 of the most common vocab words for K-5th Graders, this app is sure to test your child’s wits, in a fun way.

Features include:

• 800+ words for kids in the K-5 range
• Custom lists – add up to 25 of your own lists with up to 30 words each
• Results so you can view your child’s performance by word and determine weak areas
• Adorable audio replay of each word after each round
• Adjustable game play – you can create randomized lists of as few as 5 words and as many as 20!

This app is intended to assist early learners as well as to challenge and entertain middle school kids. If you think of any additional features or have any issues with the app please reach out to us: support@playtend.com

We love to get direct feedback! Thanks and enjoy!

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