Lyrical Master 00's

Top 15 Music and Trivia Game (UK – February 2010)!!

*****”Great little app, gets you really thinking! Looking forward to other versions in the future!”*****

*****”Great fun game and very addictive. Will get you singing to help you work out the next line!”*****

*****”Thought this was gonna be way too easy for me, proved wrong, great game, highly recommend!”*****

Are you a music lover? Do you know your lyrics? If so, then Lyrical Master is the game for you!!

Lyrical Master 00’s is a quiz game to test how well you know your lyrics from the 00’s era. Every question is based on number 1 hits in the UK and the USA during the 00’s era.

Beat your friends and family to the top of the leader board and prove you are THE Lyrical Master!!

Keep an eye out for other versions of Lyrical Master coming soon to the App Store!

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