Lynx Lunar Racer

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Pilot your Lynx Space Academy lunar vehicle through nine zones as you boldly go where no man has gone before. Collect Hero coins on each mission to make upgrades and purchase new vehicles in your quest to leave earth a man and return a hero.

Game Features:
• Boost gives you extra propulsion to navigate tricky lunar terrain.
• Collect Hero coins to enable upgrades and new vehicle purchases.
• Upgrade Boost, Engine, Suspension and Tires to go faster and further.
• Four unique vehicles: Rover Unit, Velocity Unit, Assault Unit and the Deluxe Unit.
• Find the LSA coin hidden in each zone for big payouts.
• Gravity on the moon is 83.3% less than on Earth – so pull some big air!
• Ghost Racing allows you to see your previous best runs.
• Gameplay may increase your ability to become an Astronaut.
• Visit to find out more.

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