Rating: 4+

LUXOR is a game from MumboJumbo, originally released 18th August, 2009


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Luxor Review

Matching three like-colored objects is a popular category for iDevice games these days, whether the games are ported or brand new. Luxor, a port of a PC game, is a recent addition to this pool, though it arrives with heavy competition in its field and not enough features to put it above the rest.

Much like Stoneloops of Jurassica, Luxor is based on levels of winding paths, down which long lines of marbles roll, bring pushed by something that looks menacing. In this case, you are trying to not let this menace and its line of marbles reach your pyramid, and you can make sure of this by shooting marbles from a moving platform at the bottom of the screen. The platform is moveable by two types of touch, or by tilting, which is also identical to the Stoneloops mechanic.

Roll like an Egyptian.

Luxor has an Egyptian theme, accompanied by some typical Egyptian-esque music, and its main game takes place in a large desert full of the most recognizable monuments in Egypt. The primary game mode is a campaign with hints of a story, but a lack of any actual plot.

Each level has a name, like ‘Threading Cleopatra’s Needle’ and each marks a place along a path through Egypt. However, there is no semblance of who or what is making this journey, only a series of puzzles with variously winding paths for the marbles to roll through. On the bright side, the game does have three save slots, but it does not have any other game modes besides the one journey through the desert.

Achievements play a role in Luxor, but instead of being displayed as trophies, the game just gives you a checklist to scroll through and admire, which is far too spartan for any feelings of satisfaction. However, the game does very well on social networking features. Luxor allows for Facebook Connect, boasting via Twitter, and it is also connected to the Plus+ network. This array impressed us, as we very much enjoy this type of variety for connecting with our friends.

If you loved Luxor in its PC manifestation, you’ll probably enjoy this clean and socially-connected port on the iDevice. However, if you’re not a fan of Match-3, or you’ve already got a more featured marble shooter like Stoneloops, then this one might not be worth your time.