LUMINES™ – Touch Fusion

Lumines, the award-winning puzzle sensation known for its addictive fusion of music and block busting gameplay, has finally arrived on iPhone! Featuring all-new visuals and tunes custom designed for iPhone, now everyone can take Q Entertainment’s puzzle game on the go.

Simple yet addictive gameplay. Just tap the screen to rotate the blocks, and flick your finger to drop ‘em! Create squares of a single color to eliminate them when the Time Line passes.

– Intuitive touch control!
– Earn high scores using bonus multipliers for huge combos!
– New specially-themed Skin Packs will be released soon!

The full version of LUMINES – Touch Fusion includes the following modes:
– SINGLE LAP: Play through a single skin.
– ENDLESS: Play through a selected set of skins.
– TIME ATTACK: Aim for the highest score within the time limit.

– Win medals in all modes by achieving high scores!
– Collect three medal types: Gold, Silver and Bronze!
– Try to win a Gold medal in every skin in all modes!

– Tap anywhere on the screen to rotate the block 90 degrees.
– Move the block left/right by touching and sliding left/right.
– Flick downwards to drop the block.
– Create Squares of the same color. Squares are erased when the Time Line passes over them.
– The game is over if the blocks reach the top of the screen.
– A bonus is awarded if more than three Squares are erased within a pass of the Time Line.
– Earn continuous bonuses (Combos) to increase the Bonus Multiplier and aim for a High Score!
– Unlock new modes by scoring higher than a certain score!

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