Lucky Slots With Friends HD

Lucky Slots With Friends is the combination of 6 Lucky Boxes and Slot Machine which makes the perfect harmony of traditional game and Western modern machine. You would be satisfied with simple gameplay, stunning design and lively sounds.

Get surprise by Play with Friends feature! Each of you place the same bet. The winner is the one who gets the highest coins after 3-4 minutes and will win bets of all the others.

You can boost your win chances by upgrade weapons to special ones: Energy, Defence, Slow and Freeze.

What’s fun?

★ Use Play with Friends feature or connect to Facebook to play online
★ Play mini game – the wheel of fortune
★ Get FREE COINS with Tapjoy
★ Get FREE COINS every 60 seconds
★ Get FREE COINS at the beginning of the day
★ The higher level, the more benefits you get
★ Support The new iPad (iPad 2012)

What are you waiting for… join Lucky Slots With Friends and enjoy!

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