Lucky Scratch Lottery 2

The next generation of simulated lottery scratch tickets is here!

Buy virtual tickets and scratch them to win virtual money. If you are too lazy to scratch you can activate auto-scratch.

There are tickets with different values that you can buy. v$1, v$2, v$5, v$10, v$25, v$50, v$100 and v$1000. You have to scratch free 9 fields on each ticket. You can find either a losesymbol, a winsymbol or a joker below the scratch fields. The more win tickets you get the more money you win. A Joker counts as win and you get an additional Joker ticket which has only 4 fields and a higher chance for winsymbols. It also gives you more money.

You start with 100 virtual dollar in the game. If you run out of money you can buy more via InApp purchase. But probably you won’t need this unless you are too greedy.

Leaderboards and more than 30 Game Center achievements combine this simple concept with the social gaming possibilities of iOS and you can also challenge friends via eMail.

Have fun with this innovative way of gambling!

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