Lucky Dice! HD

“Do you shake today?”
If your answer is No, you are really out!
If your answer is Yes, you are in! So cool! So cool!
This is “Lucky Craps” that everybody love to it and shake it!

No any idea? Look at Craps!
Some need to make decision in the life, study and work, but listen to him/her, You or me? Everyone debate the issue. Do not feel annoy now and please take it out. Let it make your decision,

Hundreds of life views shake the future
There are all kinds of scene: Sweet household scene, romantic dating scene, pure campus scene, scene of bar,the king laughed scene…take it out and shake it, let the excited the rotation of the electromagnetic heart with jump. What should you do when the crap slowly stop, SHH… you know it!

Beautiful 3D cartoon picture!
The cute the style of cartoon, mix a lot of 3D element together and let the picture look more vivid and stereoscopic. The vivid of 3D craps show different patterns and different effect; All kinds of styles vessels have different flowers and materials with different scene; Funny 3D finger with the process of wave will have a lifelike movements and expressions.

The nice music scene!
For all kinds of scene music make you enjoy the experience of hearing shock! Exciting, sounds of nature, humorous, soft, turn on the music! Let us dance with music

Are you ready? Go…shake!
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