Lucky Cats 3D

Everybody loves the little Chinese and Japanese Money- or Lucky Cats. Fortune Cookies are also famous.
Here they turn into players and can be moved around the board.

– Lucky Cats do da dice: They run, jump and fly across the board, bringing the game to life.

– 3D rolling: Throw the die around!

– Collect fortune-cookies and use their mystical powers (Surprise, Surprise!)

– Learn Chinese! After a few games you will be able to count from 1 to 8 in Mandarin.

– Play alone against the computer or against other players.

– Kitties are smart! It won’t be too easy to win against the computer.

– Prefer a shorter game? Switch off some teams and adjust some rules in the game settings!

– Need to take a call or quit the application? No problem, the game will be saved and you can continue the next time you play.

Games of this kind can take a long time and sometimes last up to one hour.
Here LUCKY CATS adjustable rules come into play. Use fortune-cookies, lucky fields, new pawns and other different rules to cut the playing time in half.
Of course, you can also switch all of those off, to play more tactically.

The game is based on the Indian mother of all board games, Pachisi, from which countless variations with numerous names were created. Every child should already know the basic rules.

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