Lovely Monsters : Peek-a-Boo

*Play Lovely Monsters : Peek-a-Boo*
where little monsters, eat, dance, sing, count, carry shoes and many other actions.
Designed for children, Lovely Monsters : Peek-a-Boo, asks different questions on each page and will get to children to indentify each situation in which our little monsters can get into.

-17 pages of questions regarding objects, mouvements or mini games
-Professionally illustrated
-A funny and colorfull univers
-Questions and answers to learn and memorize
-Catchy tunes created by professionals

*Why choose Lovely monsters : Peek-a-Boo?*
When it comes to playing Lovely Monsters, humor and simplicity will make this a great way to start your childs day.
Lovely Monsters: Peek-a-Boo simplifize learning how to read and increases their vocabulary with 17 pages of tasks. Each questions is linked to the games
situation or objects seen on the screen.
Thanks to it’s questions and answer system, Lovely Monsters : Peek-a-Boo is a great and important step bringing fun in the learning process.
A must have for young children, 2 years old and above.

Through 17 pages, you will find :
and many situations…

Music by : Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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