Love Struck Valentine – Cupid’s Matchmaking Adventure

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be the ultimate matchmaker, doling out everything from first crushes to eternal soulmates with ease? Now you have the chance to find out! In Love Struck Valentine: Cupid’s Matchmaking Adventure you play as Cupid, the angel of love and romance. Take to the skies with your beloved bow and arrow and search only for the purest of hearts. When you find a lonely heart, pierce it with an arrow to secure a match! The more hearts you pierce, the more love you bring to the world!

But watch out! Someone’s trying to sabotage your good deeds, and they’re using the most heartless weapon imaginable: Birds! Shoot down heartbroken pigeons and albatross while avoiding mines to make sure every match sticks.

Love Struck Valentine: Cupid’s Matchmaking Adventure is a FREE TO PLAY game arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re making matches with a sweetheart or flying solo on the wings of love, this game is sure to steal your heart!


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