Love Bubbles

Join floating bubbles of different color combinations to fill the collecting tube with fubble juice in Flubbles. To avoid being left with incompatible flubbles, try to keep the selection as compatible as possible. Flubbles of the same color will always join regardless of their size. Colors can combine to make other colors, not all are compatible, and you can only combine them if they are the same size. Once a flubble has reaches 6 times its original size it will burst, scoring you points, and unleashing a new batch of flubbles. As tube fills higher with flubble juice, fewer flubbles will be released.

When you click on a flubble, all compatible matches light up, use your finger to combine them. The larger the flubbles are when they burst, the more more points you will score. Level up as you score more points, the level you have reached is on the right side of the screen. The game is over when you are out of matches.

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