Lost Fan App

In the final season of Lost, here is an app for all you fellow Losties , a virtual Lostpedia for all the fans and a
Quiz about Lost TV Series with over 1100 questions taken from all seasons including the season finale.

Lost is a serial drama television series. It follows the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island, after their jet crashes somewhere in the South Pacific.

How keenly are you following this ?

Here are some questions to get started

Season 1 – Episode 01 & 02: Pilot
Qs. What does Jack tell Kate that the transceiver looks like?
a. A complicated walkie-talkie
b. A small walk-man
c. A large palm pilot
d. A thick scientific calculator

Season 2 – Episode 06: Abandoned
Qs. When Rose tells Hurley she doesn’t like the hatch, he asks her if it is because of what? a. Locke’s ever-presence
b. The doomsday button
c. The dank smell
d. The creepy guns lining the hallway

Season 3 – Episode 23: Through the Looking Glass
Qs. According to Bonnie, the code to deactivate the Looking Glass is related to a song by the Beach Boys. Which is this song?
a. “Surfer Girl”
b. “Good Vibrations”
c. “I Get Around”
d. “Help me, Rhonda”

Season 4 – Episode 05: The Constant
Qs. Who or what is Daniel’s constant?
a. Desmond
b. Charlotte
c. Black Rock
d. Frank

Season 5 – Episode 06: 316
Qs. Jack discovers Kate in his house. They discuss the possibility of returning to the island. From whom does Jack receive a phone call?
a. Sun
b. Emo
c. Hurley
d. Ben

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