Lost Chronicles

Lost Chronicles is an exciting animated comic role-playing game. Face adventures and thrills in your search for exotic artifacts across a continent peppered with dangers and questionable characters.

★ Take exactly the right decisions to survive over 100 different dangers

★ Manage your resources cleverly

★ Upgrade your character to prepare them for dangerous adventures

★ Prepare your heroes for the next exciting expedition

★ Collect many artifacts, all based on historical and mythological backgrounds

★ Face a whole range of mythical and earthly enemies

The story so far:

Europe, in the early 1930s.

All over Europe, mysterious artifacts appear, awakening ancient forces from their slumber. The Nazis form an elite squad to claim those artifacts for their own shady purposes. But they won’t go unopposed: The London-based Seeker’s Guild, a secret society of adventurers and archeologists, steps in to hunt down the mystic treasures and keep them safe. So begins a race that may determine the fate of this world.

You are one of those adventurers – go grab your gear and start your journey.

But don’t forget your trusty Smith & Wesson .44.

Made with passion by flaregames

More about flaregames: http://www.flaregames.com • http://facebook.com/flaregames • http://twitter.com/flaregames

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