Lose Weight By Blowing Balloon HD

It’s a interesting game to blow balloon and for entertainment purpose only.

– Lose weight by a new kind of alternative way–
– Blowing balloon is a new kind of alternative way to loss weight.
– Blowing balloon can thin face and make breasts more full.
– Your iPhone can change into a machine for losing weight. immediately.
– This game is also support BMI Test and Task Table.

— Do exercise anywhere and any time —
– Now your iphone can quickly change into a lovely and unbroken balloon.
– No time and no place limited, you can easily enjoy the fun of losing weight.

— How to play —
– Better to play in quiet place.
– Just blow into mic and the balloon will become bigger.
– Better to play it three times a day (before lunch, before dinner and before sleep), if you want to use it to lose weight.

— The probably theory of lose weight by blowing balloon —
– When you blow balloon, the constant breathing in and breathing out can exercise the muscles of the face and the chest, which will thin your face and make the breasts more full, also it will increase your vital capacity.
– When you blow balloon before lunch and dinner, the constant breathing in and breathing out can inhibit the brain’s “hunger center”, which will make you feel full and eat less food then before.

— Interesting Game —
– It’s a very interesting game to play with your family.
– There are a lot of cute balloons to blow.
– We will keep adding more beautiful balloons all the time.

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