** Cooperative Storytelling Has Arrived! **

Join a friend and take turns using noun/verb/wild cards to craft sentences. You’ll get to choose one of the previous player’s words to use in your sentence. Enjoy beautiful hand-drawn art on every card, and customize your cards with a variety of sigils.

After your story ends, you can share it via FaceBook or Email.

** Build Your Deck **

Earn gold by playing and spend it in the store to buy more cards and sigils.

Buying gold via IAP is completely optional and does not result in any unfair advantages. You earn gold at a brisk pace just by playing the game. This is NOT a wallet-draining experience.

** Game Center Turn-Based Multiplayer **

Unlock achievements and compete on the leader boards, and play on every iOS device that you own. Your progress syncs via iCloud.

From the Programmer and Artist that brought you Rogue Vertex Online. Original score by Paul Noxon!

** Contact Info **

We love receiving suggestions – contact Brian via email (support@tangentworlds.com) or via our community forums (forums.tangentworlds.com).

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